By sector of activity or by type of product

Our moulds are designed to optimise the production of mass-produced injection moulded parts.

We have been involved in various areas of activity for many years and we have of course mastered the intricacies associated with the various manufacturing processes.

The way we target our research enables us to make lasting improvements to the performance of our moulds, which are easy and quick to maintain.

We can list many examples that are representative of our know-how: thin-wall moulds for high volume production with or without in-mould labelling, stack moulds, unscrewing moulds, flip top cap moulds with  in mould-closing hinge mechanism, bi-material or multi-cavity moulds, etc...

Please take a closer look at our products.

 By area of activity : the food industry, pharmaceutical or medical applications, the cosmetic industry, horticulture

By type of product : Containers, lids, hinged boxes, tubs, flip top caps, caps, tubes, tableware