Our design office will develop your ideas

We have a dedicated team at your disposal to deal with your requirements and answer all your questions. This team will deal with your questions before your project begins, help you to make the best technical decisions, assess feasibility, etc.

We can also produce 2D and 3D drawings of the parts you are looking for, provide mockups and CAD flow moulding simulations to validate your designs.




Force of proposals

The design office is a rich source of ideas when it comes to designing your packaging and wrapping. It will make every effort to comply with all of your instructions and meet any requirement relating to eco-design and to overcome the technical constraints associated with mass production.

We use CAD tools (SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER).

Every year we devote a large proportion of our turnover to research and development.

Our moulds are always reliable and efficient: ever increasing cycle time, cooling channels ever closer to the cavity, etc.

To keep up, you need to think ahead.