1986 - 2000

1986 : Creation of the Ateliers Marc Beaudoin (AMB) by Marc Beaudoin

1992 : Strong increase of the turnover thanks to the specialization in the manufacture of moulds for technical parts.

1993 : Construction of a 240m² workshop. The company operates with 7 employees

1994 : Hiring of a manufacturing manager and investment in a second erosion machine

1998 : New extension of 147 m². Investment in a CAD/CAM software and a new commitment to a quality approach.

2001 - Today












2001 : Hiring of a project manager / quality manager. Investment in two grinding machines and a machining centre

2010 : A very large contract is signed with the manufacture of 17 moulds.

2013 : Relocation to new 1000m² premises in the recent industrial estate « ZI d'Ecouché ». New big contract for 12 moulds intended for the aeronautics industry

2014 : Acquisition of a new machining centre for the production of electrodes with a robot loader in an air-conditioned room.

2016 : Integration of Atelier Marc Beaudoin (AMB) into the Rouxel group

2017 : AMB becomes RMB. Retirement of Marc Beaudoin

2020 : Acquisition of a new machining centre, a cylindrical grinding machine and integration of the same ERP software than ROUXEL Mould’s.

2022 : In September, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rouxel company in the presence of our customers and suppliers