Our moulds are designed to optimize the production of parts made by plastic injection in large series. We have been working in various sectors of activity. Due to that experience, we are quite familiar with the specificities of each manufacturing process.

The orientation of our resarch lines enables us to improve the performance of our moulds over the long term, just as a simple and rapid maintenance in production. We have many representative achievements that illustrate our expertise : high-speed moulds for thin walls with or without label overmoulding (IML), stack moulds, unscrewing moulds, moulds for service caps with automatic hinge closing system, bi-material or multi-cavity moulds…

 We invite you to explore the Portfolio of our achievements.

Innovation ROUXEL Mold : Compression injection moulding

Compression injection moulding (CIM) has many advantages:

Weight reduced by 20 to 30%

MFI reduced by 30 to 50 %

Tonnage reduced by 30 to 40 %

Low maintenance

A 2 cavities mould is available for testing.