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Always attentive to the market and to our customers’ expectations, we do everything possible to guarantee the highest level of quality. Commitment, quality, precision, innovation and confidentiality are all essential values that enable us to maintain a solid reputation.
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Our moulds

Our moulds are designed to optimize the production of parts made by plastic injection in large series. The orientation of our lines of research allows us to durably improve the performance of our moulds, and a simple and quick maintenance in production.
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Our services

We put a long-term priority on human resources to ensure the transmission of our expertise and on the production tool to make technologies evolve.
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Our Strengths


ROUXEL Group is mostly famous for its high-performance tooling manufacturing


Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Our moulds are guaranteed in terms of cycle time and service life


A permanent search for performance to obtain the best level of production


A dedicated project manager in constant contact with customers up to tool validation


To ensure high-performance moulds, we pay attention to the qualification of the production team, the quality of working conditions and the renewal of our machinery.


Co-development with our "mould maker" expertise in order to optimise your future products (in Eco-design) and innovation in mould technologies with, in particular, compression injection or gas injection.

Our Services


On-site start-up assistance, as well as training on the maintenance of our moulds with our workshop technicians.


A team dedicated to the maintenance and repair of moulds on site or on your premises is the assurance of quality and a renewed guarantee.


Integrated test centre with 4 presses available from 120T to 550T, it is the guarantee of a perfectly validated mould before shipment.

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