High Performance Mold

Our Molds

By sector of activity or by type of product, our moulds are designed to optimise the production of mass-produced injection moulded parts.

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Our Expertise

Study, project monitoring, performance, quality of final product: for years we have combined innovation and technicality for all our customers.

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Our Services

It consistently places the emphasis on human resources so we can be sure that know-how is passed on and on the production tool so we can keep up with changing technology.

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The highest standards of quality

By sector of activity

We have been involved in various areas of activity for many years and we have of course mastered the intricacies associated with the various manufacturing processes.

By sector of activity

By type of product

We can list many examples that are representative of our know-how : please take a closer look at our products.

By type of product

By technical specificity

Thin or thin walls, two-storey, multi-cavity, surface treatment, finishes (mirror polish) ... Discover our technical specifications.

By technical specificity

Les avantages du groupe

Développement de pièce, analyse rhéologique

Formation et assistance à la mise en route

Moules garantis en performance et durée de vie

Savoir-faire,réactivité, communication

Intégration de la maintenance dès la conception

Qualité, prix & performance

Interchangeabilité des éléments

Révision, maintenance des moules

Why choosing Rouxel MOLD ?

We have been living up to our claims for over 40 years. We pay constant attention to the market and to what our customers need, and we do all we can to guarantee the highest standards of quality.

Commitment, quality and quality control, precision, innovation and a respect for confidentiality : all of these are core values that we have built on to establish a sound reputation in the international community.

To keep up the pace, the whole team is looking to the future. We are always on the lookout for new technology and our policy of sustained investment continues to underpin our ambitions. Renowned for our ability to come up with solutions, we are driven by a desire to provide long-term support for technical advances and progress in the field of plastic injection moulding for high volume production.


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